An Unholy Infestation Consumes a Struggling Couple in the First Trailer & Stills for BITERS & BLEEDERS



Mysterious Disturbances first trailer and images for Biters & Bleeders genre push a toxic couple over the breaking point set to debut later this year

New 32 and co-director Charlie Carson Monroe have released the first-look trailer and stills for Biters & Bleeders , a new short film about a couple who try to reconnect in a recently inherited family home.

Biters & Bleeders was written by Charlie Carson Monroe, who co-directed with Raven Angeling Whisnant. Biters & Bleeders is the debut horror short from New 32, a newly launched queer-owned independent film company based in North Carolina. The film is executive produced by Stanley Monroe, Raven Angeline Whisnant, Charlie Carson Monroe and Peter Zale. Whisnant is the trapped wife, Christopher Malcolm is the domineering husband, and Joyce Wood is the mother.


Beneath the thin shell of their marriage lies a rotting core of regret, disappointment and contempt. Tad (Malcolm) and Penelope (Whisnant) have fallen on hard times. When Tad’s mother dies unexpectedly and Tad takes possession of his posh family home, he believes it will be the key to solving everything. But what awaits them in that house is not redemption. What awaits them is the final push that will finally send them tumbling over the razor-thin edge into the unknown. Horrible bed bugs infest the home and Penelope’s psyche. She becomes more and more desperate to escape the countless new bites, the constant feeling that something is crawling on her skin, the punishing summer heat, her husband. It’s time for Penelope to come clean.

Biters & Bleeders will debut at the festival this year.

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