Attack of the Doc! (2023) Film Review


Attack of the Doc!

Attack of the Doc! a documentary that tells the story of G4TV’s smash hit Attack of the Show! Featuring two very good hosts, the show entered households in 2005 and surprised society by continuing to celebrate nerd culture until no one was talking about it. Conventions didn’t turn into the massive gatherings they are today, and frankly, there weren’t any rules about what you could be a fan of. Attack of the show! he made good use of this lack of direction. It was slapstick, offensive and downright funny. But at its peak, it gave voice to a culture where the first diaper hadn’t been changed on the Internet. It was the TV show where James Cameron he used to appear and hit the puppets with metal chairs.

Your host Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira, the show had the pace and style of a live social media party with no strings attached. The documentary becomes clear when, in principle, what made Attack of the Show! the original is that he never paid attention to what he was supposed to do on television. Needless to say, the content is no longer possible. From fat suits to nudity and sex jokes, it went beyond the basics of nerd culture and attracted young people who were looking for more than simple conversations about their favorite movies or comics.

The main problem of the film is the overly plastic rendering of the effect. The documentaries must be based on the testimonies of the participants in the experiments and adventures, and on the reports of their witnesses. Attack of the Doc! a super-cut of key scenes from the show that you reference, and as fun and relevant as they are, I was expecting more than a long film of footage. Indeed, voice-carrying narratives are short and arguments seem incomplete. Nevertheless, the script to follow is good enough to make the testimonies informative and clear.

The celebration of geek culture that was Attack of the Show! in its heyday it greatly influenced how we see the same culture today. As the documentary claims, geek and nerd culture today there is the only culture whose followers make it cool and interesting. What was previously considered a niche is now part of the mainstream scene, which is constantly being renewed both culturally and commercially. As important as Marvel and DC are today, it’s hard to imagine the show existing today in a universe of YouTubers, influencers, and other trends. It was a huge success, responsible for creating something huge today, but it was a product of its time that could not achieve such success today.

If you want to clarify and expand your knowledge about some of the things you see online today, then Attack of the Doc! might be a quick history lesson that shows enough. It’s not cinematic enough to make you think, but sometimes it’s just a matter of having some answers to the origins of the current trends dominating the internet.

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