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Boonie Bears: Back to Earth it belongs to the type of films that are only possible in our time: immaculate lively films powered by powerful engines that prove the value of technology in modern storytelling. It’s not an effortless film, but the medium is no longer an impossible task. There’s a unique reason why we should celebrate movies like this: it’s a new opportunity for would-be filmmakers to tell their stories.

The story is very simple: Bramble is a wild bear whose only goal is to eat ice cream. He will do anything to get it. Yes, even when objects start falling from the sky and a bipedal robot threatens her, the focus is on the ice cream. After a brief skirmish, the two creatures (the one in the suit turns out to be a cute cat) face off against an evil villain, with lines of dialogue such as “I could have knocked, but the CEO always makes a grand entrance” after the break. down a wall. Yes, a guy with a cool haircut and a modern suit.

The bad guy’s agenda isn’t exactly clear, but it’s not even that important. What’s really engaging about the movie is how Bramble and Avi’s friendship basically comes out of nowhere, and it’s a great message about finding your place in the fight between good and evil, no matter where in the universe it happens.

You won’t be able to get much out of the way the story develops Boonie Bears: Back to Earth. This is a film that runs entirely on gags that have been told countless times in the past. Yes, even the villains who are stripped of their clothes to reveal little pink underwear. But hey, a cross-dressing bear that shows up when “Marilyn moves on the subway grate”? It almost takes us back to the time when Bugs Bunny was allowed practically anything.

Considering the purpose of the movie, the basic story doesn’t even scare kids because of everything else that happens in the movie. They will enjoy every moment of it. The pace, the fantastic special effects, the score. There’s even a musical sequence that fits the bill of big Hollywood productions. Boonie Bears: Back to Earth is a performance for children, and its purpose is nothing more than that. He will ask for more than one Avi action figure. Yes, this cat is awesome. Sarah Secora and Joseph S. Lambert they voice the main characters of the film and their work is very good.

The feature film is based on a Chinese animated cartoon series that became the most popular children’s show in the country. This makes the movie a bit risky when it shows some stereotypes about Asian people. I don’t know how this will be received, but it’s interesting enough that it never feels over the top and just works as a joke based on the physical endurance of the bad guys.

Hey Bramble, I feel you when you say “I have to work all day and no time for a snack”.

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