Daddy’s Divas (2022) Series Review


Daddys Divas

One thing is sure.

In the future, David Tittone you will share something good and funny with your daughters and son. Together they will laugh at the stupidity, make fun of themselves and others, and in every project the presentation of the family comes first. It feels as if Tittone has taken this to heart and turned it into an engaging show. Sure, he keeps jumping the shark, but that’s exactly how a show of this format and style works. If you need a laugh, anything is worth trying, right?

Dad’s divas It tells the story of Michael Hill’s life as he tries to survive fatherhood after the death of his wife. Michael has three young daughters and two of them are very mischievous. The other is better behaved because he is still in diapers and only a few months old. But this is not the only problem in Michael’s messed-up life: his family, from his mother to his sister, are just fuel to the fire of misfortunes that he has to deal with every day.

However, it seems that there is always room for love in Michael’s life. Species. His surroundings, environment and even his social life are flooded with bad luck and funny characters who are indispensable to the sitcom-like daily events that the Hill family must face.

Tittone produced the most sitcoms. Nothing makes sense narratively, and every episode of Season 1 is a blank canvas for Michael. It is very literal in portraying the adventures of a family that thrives on the funny side and never goes for the dramatic. If we consider the beginning of the whole thing as a tragedy, it is rather meaningless.

Still, it doesn’t matter. Tittone wrote the show with his father, and the two have come up with many anecdotes that will be shared in the future. If they’re lucky, maybe Dad’s divas can be tracked. Anyway, this show is good fun. Don’t worry about performance or logic. This was made with passion by a group of riders with no experience in this field.

Of course, the show has its moments. Michael McQuarrieHis presence in playing many of the characters is amusing to say the least. You couldn’t ask for more from an actor who basically represents the funny punch and taunt every time he appears. He and Dawn Linnemanwho plays Michael’s mother on the show steals every scene she’s in.

It only runs for 10 episodes (and each one is about 20 minutes long), Season 1 Dad’s divas pretty nice representation of a good idea that is only possible with the cooperation of people who believe in a funny product that involves some commitment. If that happens, we can guarantee that Season 2 will be better.

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