Death of a Rockstar (2022) Film Review


Death of a Rockstar

Movies cannot demand anything from the audience. At least the usual movies. However, we’re used to serving up fan films, and now things may change. I’m not saying there’s a clean slate and fans should be forced to feed whatever on screen, but we should open our minds more often. Its necessary. It’s an industry that can’t follow a boring mindset, or even one that feels formulaic or repetitive.

All this to say, Röckët Stähr’s Death of a Rockstar it deserves to be at least considered by those looking for something different in movies. Trust me, you will enter a strange universe of grossness, stardom and powerful lyrics. But this is not a movie for everyone. Those unfamiliar with heavy metal culture should probably stay away from this one.

Few films are so literal when advertised and Death of a Rockstar volt. This was seen as “Yellow Submarine” meets “Rocky Horror Picture Show” meets “Tommy” meets “Jesus Christ Superstar”. And yes, absolutely yes. It’s an animated feature that wraps up the good and the bad from the movies and everything that came after them. It’s a celebration of rock n roll and its influences, an exploration of how authoritarianism can destroy our ability to be pure and express ourselves. All through a series of animations that range from the brilliant to the absurd. You must be curious if you are looking at this high.

In the future, a rock star is filmed on stage. The mystery is “who did it?”. A year before, a tyrant ruled the city and the rock was forbidden. But a mad scientist creates a Frankenstein figure for the sake of rock n roll. His name is Röcky Stähr and he frees everyone.

Time moves strangely in this musical. This is part of a series of questions you shouldn’t ask because you don’t even ask what’s with the big breasts and crazy psychedelic images. Death of a Rockstar whatever must be accepted.

The key to this is the acceptance of rock, and the soundtrack embedded in every second of the recording is responsible for this. It’s hard to pinpoint who did it, but his DNA is a collection of the greatest rock influences in history. As a result, he’s composed something, a symphony of rock and cartoons that serve one purpose: to free him for a while from whatever structure he’s trapped in. Rock can move places and Death of a Rockstar conveys this feeling.

Again, Death of a Rockstar it’s not for everyone. It’s a product of passion and love from someone as fascinated with rock as few of us are today. Add in a crazy animation style and a silly and irrational story and you get the idea Death of a Rockstar, a rock opera in a modern industry where there are none, and cinema doesn’t demand much from you. Sometimes.

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