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In Interrupted, the human species discovers that the world is actually a simulation. We had the impression of absolute control, but it’s actually a machine that controls things. But that’s not the worst: the problem is that the simulation ends in a few days. Sarah, a very worried and pessimistic young woman, receives the news and decides to use her last days for… something.

It’s a kind of coming-of-age sci-fi that never follows the guidelines of the genre, staying within the confines of drama. What is very strange (but quite functional for the mood of the film) is the writer/director Trevor Peckham it does not convey the premise of the film, but develops the entire personality of its main character. The first act consists of a short film through which we can connect with Sarah in a very personal way. Peckham doesn’t rush things and burns through his most interesting sources. He respects Sarah’s presence and issues and gives her enough dramatic depth to accept her for who she is, even if we don’t agree with her way of seeing things.

Peckham conveys Sarah’s encounter with reality through an unprecedented event that allows her to relax and see life in the most calm way: by understanding and observing these, the last days of her conscience. What many would consider a “necessary” meeting is actually very embarrassing for Sarah. He decides to see his parents for the last time, and this afternoon gets him to realize that he feels normal during humanity’s crisis. The key theme here is the control that everyone has lost and now Sarah feels she can seize. Unlikely. The premise of the film is thoroughly explored in these key scenes as Sarah, along with her companions and the audience, understand the coming end of things.

Again, this doesn’t make it perfect. We shouldn’t love her regardless of her actions because Peckham takes a naturalistic and organic approach to a woman nearing the end of her life. In the past, when Sarah felt out of control, she toyed with the idea of ​​ending her existence. But now you have control. Now that he knows. He even tries self-destruction, but it doesn’t work for him. What else is he looking for but meaning in the most important moment of his short life. The secret lies in how others see life, and Sarah witnesses this sad realization in the world. He even says: “Perhaps the point is what is happening now, perhaps where to go next”. But it’s his uncertainty that keeps us there. We want you to thrive. The way Sarah achieves things and encounters the darkest side of her reality is heartbreaking, and some will probably change their minds because of the tragic situation. Personally, I felt it was a poetic turn that actually made him more interesting.

In a film that is very detached from grounded reality, the performance is a Ashley Hutchinson it feels magnetic and really genuine. Peckham’s film is not aimed at testing science fiction and some of its rules. It’s pure drama, and Hutchinson is responsible for it. For making Sarah’s extraordinary journey fascinating and seriously uplifting. Langston Fishburne like a kind of Morpheus-like figure? Very, very nice move.

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