Dosed: The Trip of a Lifetime (2023) Film Review


He was still dosing

The best thing documentary film function Dosed: The Journey of Life, that he never represents the subject he depicts as a business card. This is not a promotional piece that many people would be confused and possibly dismissive of. It’s a story of resilience through the dramatic and controversial channel of alternative medicine, but it’s sober enough to really open the mind. Modern documentaries tend to be a bit indoctrinating, but luckily this time it just doesn’t happen. A life simply changes, and we see it all through the eyes of a brave woman whose actions stem from love.

The topic, Laurie Brooks, he is aware of the world he enters cautiously. A happy mother and wife whose cancer diagnosis turned her life around. Life expectancy is relatively low. He wishes there was a cure. Her smile represents optimism in the midst of chaos.

However, he is realistic enough to understand that miracles do not happen. At least for everyone. Religion isn’t a resource she likes to turn to, but the love she feels for all around her is impressively strong. You know you have to try something. But for what purpose exactly? Dosed not a movie about a miracle cure or the brilliant minds who fight every day to find a cure for cancer. This is the story of a woman who chose to face death with a tool that the world unfortunately did not consider.

This is how Laurie decides to make her last days better. He goes to mushroom therapy, which involves eating the magical things that grow in the soil. The ingredient is psilocybin, and Laurie gets a government waiver to use it, which is mostly illegal. They control the environment. Our curiosity grows.

Needless to say, Laurie sees something on her journey. The directors include this in the film Nicholas Meyers and Tyler Chandler to whom Brooks allows him to tell his whole story, however absurd the outcome of his journey may seem. Animated series reminiscent of the psychedelic scene of seventies cinema are just the beginning.

Again, this is not a cure by itself. Laurie’s intention is to try anything at hand to reduce the anxiety the cancer may have caused. In this universal message Dosed it is irreverently important and has no bounds when it refers to a reason that can be questioned. Still, everything is the best in Laurie’s hands.

This brings the film to its expected end. This is not a miracle film or a manipulative documentary trying to sell the idea of ​​drug legalization. However, his story is interesting enough to spark a debate about the role of alternative medicine in today’s society. At the very least, you should ask yourself and others what we can do to make our world a better place. Laurie does, and at the end of her life she suddenly decides to stop fighting and accept fate. Not without materials that could easily improve your life. If you think this is an extraordinary series of events, you’re not alone. I thought the same thing about the overall upbeat final scene where Laurie actually beats her enemy.

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