Dragon Eats Eagle (2022) Film Review


Dragon eats eagle

In Dragon eats eagle, some immortal beings are playing a game of deciding what to do while no one seems to be able to win. They saw and experienced it all, from biblical events to the founding of America. Now they work for the leaders who have a say in where the country is headed. The association between them and the supposedly funny dynamic of a fictional government is not fully explained.

The film is a satirical and often unusual adaptation of an opinion. A director with a decent budget decided to adapt his own screenplay and stay under the wing of a political view that is much less interesting than you think. In such cases, all you have to do is log into Twitter and read, read, and read.

A film should have an impact. Always. Even if it’s bad, you should always get your audience to talk about what they’ve seen. Noah Marks he simply took ideas he thought were funny and mixed them into an unforgettable, loud and inconsistent film. When the two main characters address themselves in conversations that never sound natural, the political setting is somewhat relevant because there is a way to relate their views to a reality in which we live. But then the film starts to introduce more absurd characters who have little reason for the original message.

It doesn’t matter where you stand in politics. Movies trying to mock these could be functional in the debate, if only they were intelligent and not slapstick versions of current politicians being ridiculed. We’re smart enough to understand what Marks is up to, but maybe he wasn’t fully cooperative in expressing what he wanted us to do with the film. In my case, I just want to forget and remember smarter versions Dragon eats eagle. And yes, they exist.

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