Driverless (2022) Short Film Review


Driverless still

Still without a driver

Directed Charles Pelletierthe short comedy Driverless you could make up for the good times by letting go of the pretense and enjoying a sitcom. The acting is amateur, the editing isn’t up to speed, but overall the script is good enough to make you laugh a few times.

And in others it will break. Because this lack of consistency is both good and bad for Pelletier, whose writing skills are average but he knows exactly where to go with the comedy. The scenes are good, the ideas are insanely better.

In Driverless, the nephew of an innovative company is hired the same day they interview him. Needless to say, this “interview” is just being presented to a company that is literally empty. Everyone was let go and this guy has to take care of everything.

What they are selling is a driverless delivery service. It’s like an Uber without the awkward presence of unknown drivers. Of course, it’s not easy for this new guy who spends all day trying to solve every situation and deal with the only other guy still in the company.

C. Stephen Foster he plays more than the lead role. From redneck to Quaker, it seems there’s nothing he can’t do. Unfortunately, not all roles are particularly funny, the redneck is the most effective. The role of Glen is physically demanding and the actor sticks to a feminine tone, which isn’t as funny as you might think. However, the redneck… wow. He is cheerful.

Pelletier does his best with a 27-minute running time that ends up being repetitive. The jokes work, especially those that use the real insight of this kind of service: something burns, but you just have to wait for something else. The lack of humanity makes it the ideal subject for Pelletier’s short adventure. You will laugh because these things happen.

Then don’t expect much more than that. Driverless is an indie comedy with a lot of room for improvement, but as a concept film I don’t see why it couldn’t work.

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