Fear the invisible man

101 Films International has acquired the film’s global distribution rights.Fear the Invisible Man”, based on the famous novel by HG Wells. The adaptation is described as a period action thriller and features an impressive cast including Mhairi Calvey, David Hayman, Mark Arnold and Mike Beckingham. The story revolves around Adeline, a young British woman who takes care of an old colleague from medical school who has mysteriously turned invisible. As his isolation and insanity increase, he plots a reign of terror and murder in the town, and Adeline is the only one aware of his existence.

The film was shot on location in South West England, including Bristol, Gloucester and Bath. 101 Films International CEO Andy Lyon expressed his excitement that the film will be sold internationally and praised M and M Film Productions for their exceptional work. The screenplay was written by Philip Daay based on a concept by Monika Gergelova, who also worked as a producer alongside Malcolm Winter and Michael Riley. The film was directed by Paul Dudbridge and produced by M and M Film Productions.

101 Films International, the UK sales arm of Amcomri Entertainment Inc., is handling the distribution of “Fear the Invisible Man.”

The trailer looks extremely promising and we expect more details soon.

Fear The Invisible Man sets him free June 13, 2023 (DIGITAL, VOD and DVD)


A widow descends into madness after taking in her medical colleague who has become invisible. As he plans to unleash his reign of terror and murder, he must find a way to stop it from wreaking havoc on the city.

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