FrightFest Presents and Signature Entertainment releases The Harbinger


The messenger

Harbinger is available on digital platforms on January 23rd

Signature Entertainment and FrightFest Presents present the latest films Andy Mitton, the award-winning writer/director of THE WITCH IN THE WINDOW, returns with a unique, compassionate brand of supernatural horror. Brimming with occult fantasy and chilling images, Mitton’s menacing film is a prediction for today’s audiences.


When her oldest friend is plagued by terrible nightmares from beyond, Monique (Gabby Beans, House of Cards) is forced to travel to New York. On the first night of the visit, Monique learns that dreams are contagious—and so is HARBINGER, a plague-masked demon who not only feeds on the souls of its victims, but also twists reality itself to remove all traces of their existence. Harbinger is written and directed by Andy Mitton (The Witch in the Window) and also stars Emily Davis (The Plagiarism) and Raymond Anthony Thomas (Shutter Island).

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