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The Chicago skyline serves as a powerful backdrop for a very interesting project. Indeed, few backdrops are as significant as the vast concrete jungle where corporate rules are written, followed and, of course, broken. We have a bunch of independent musicians performing with raw honesty and shoestring budgets to do what musicians do best: tell their stories through the difficult art of music.

Indie Rooftop a collection of episodes, each telling the story of a musician and featuring heartfelt performances. A series of interviews interspersed with performances that literally take place on a well-placed rooftop. They vary in style and talent, but it’s a testament to how diverse independent music can be. There are no studios and no producers. There are no contracts or rules. Just an honest display of talent that can draw people in to learn more about these brave artists. Personally, I went beyond Google to better understand their music and purpose.

What’s even better about the documentary concept is that the concept doesn’t feel like someone is trying to sell an idea or even music. It is an open window to the unwritten future, which in some cases can be seen more clearly. At this level, talent is too relative.

A little hard to describe beyond its structure and simple narrative, Indie Rooftop it will certainly be more interesting to some viewers who understand the dynamics of the music industry. It’s not a documentary for everyone because it’s made up of many genres and it’s not expected that everyone will like everything.

at the forefront Damn Hues she opens up and shares her story and background while performing beautiful pieces that will break your heart, enlighten you, and make you want to celebrate what goes on in the music backroom, where artists start out and know no one. What a star!

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