Invisibles – A Short Horror Film


We recently stumbled upon Invisibles and loved it. We wanted so much to present it on the site.

Horror is such a popular genre, especially as a short film, that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but I think writer and director Peter van der Walt managed to do that with his short.

The complete, uncut horror short from writer/director Peter van der Walt: The Invisibles (2023).

Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, sit back – and listen closely… the truth is what you don’t see…

Cast: Steven Perrin, River Owsley-Brown, Ruben Wheeler, Finlay Callaghan, Marley Winter, Finn Apps and Reece Locke. Cinematographer: Fionn Crow. Lighting Technician: Sam Melvin. Special effects and makeup: Elizabeth Brunning, Suzi Winter, Abi Cooper, J Dodman. Producer: John Boyle. Sound design and music supervision: Ari Golani. Edited by Sanne Dijkstra. Produced by Rowdy Parrot Limited and Privateer Media UK. Invisibles (2023) All rights reserved, RPL (UK).

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