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You may or may not agree with Hollywood’s riskiest stories. It’s always up to the filmmakers to sell you some immoral or wrong idea, which is also inevitable when it comes to love or lust. We’ve been through a lot of these kinds of stories, and we’re still fueled by ideas that play with the possibility of changing your mind about “detours” about love.

Katie’s mother a looser version of these stories. You shouldn’t ask many questions about it because the focus is on an ideal outcome that is far from realistic and possible in a normal world. But hey, it’s fiction, and love can usually be casual if it didn’t have to follow the rules.

The film tells the story of Nancy, a mother emotionally devastated by her divorce and her relationship with her ex-husband. In the very first scene of the film, you can see her checking out their social media posts and accidentally ‘liking’ them. So you can get an idea of ​​how things work in this recently divorced family. Nancy’s son and daughter are supposed to hang out with her over the holidays in a celebration that combines Hanukkah and Christmas, but only Katie shows up. And he’s not alone.

Alex is flirtatious, but Nancy doesn’t hold back either. The chemistry between Nancy and her son-in-law is almost automatic and leads them down the inevitable path of hot, never-ending orgasmic sex. Of course, it doesn’t take long for everyone to figure it out. In the standard document on which these films go, changes are only allowed in the third act. This is when Katie’s mother it is solved with a light perspective, which does not add up. The film’s moral compass is discarded and bygones are bygones in favor of a united family. Polyamory comes into the picture in a very awkward scene and suddenly we don’t ask people anymore.

Except for the steamy love scenes Katie’s mother, sex stays on the suggestive side of things. Damn shame if you ask me since then Dina Meyer and Aaron Dominguez, which plays Nancy and Alex, is the best thing about the movie. A movie about them would have been delightful. Both actors have enough presence Katie’s mother a more impressive experience than it actually is. The comedy element was too awkward to work; everything about sex and relationships seems out of place when it’s not Nancy and Alex. However, maybe it could have been approached that way on purpose, because we shouldn’t feel anything for anyone who isn’t them.

The modern version The graduate? It’s hard to say. Mike Nichols’ film was relentless in depicting the consequences of an affair. In Katie’s mother, a group photo seems to solve everything. However, I like to think it’s all for Nancy. If this photo portrays the idea that she continues to live the life she deserves, then I’m all for it.

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