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Less than kosher

The comedy-musical LESS TAN KOSHER, which had its world premiere at a SOLD OUT Toronto Jewish Film Festival, is now coming to audiences worldwide. This highly anticipated series is now available exclusively to Highball TV subscribers and non-subscribers from Monday 12th June.

To give everyone a taste of what is being prepared, Highball TV offers a special offer for the premiere. From June 12, the first two episodes of LESS TAN KOSHER will be available to watch for free. Viewers will then have the exciting opportunity to purchase the remaining episodes of the seven-part series directly from Highball TV.

Produced by Filmcoop Inc. and set in the bustling city of Toronto, LESS TAN KOSHER follows the journey of Viv, a self-proclaimed “bad” Jew. Viv unexpectedly finds herself working as a cantor in her family’s synagogue and is thrust into a whirlwind of adventures. From illicit affairs to mind-blowing drug trips, from tense family dramas to moments of self-discovery, this series promises to be a fun and engaging experience.

What sets LESS TAN KOSHER apart is the infusion of some seriously catchy Jewish bop that has the audience tapping and singing along. The series captures the essence of Jewish culture while exploring the complexities of identity, religion and family relationships.

Don’t miss your chance to join Viv on her wild tour through the world of LESS TAN KOSHER. Subscribe to Highball TV to enjoy this comedic and musical gem, or mark your calendars for June 12th and watch the first two episodes for free. Get ready to laugh, wander, and discover the hilarity and heart of this captivating series.


Unfortunately, due to age restrictions, we cannot show the trailer on the site, but it can be viewed Youtube highly recommended!!!

At 20, Viv was a promising young singer. At age 30, his failed music career forced him back into his mother’s basement. But when this self-proclaimed bad Jew gets a job as a cantor at her family’s synagogue, she’s thrown into a wild circle of illicit affairs, drug trips, tense family dramas, self-discovery, and some serious Jewish misadventures. It’s ‘Shiva Baby’ meets ‘A Star is Born’. Modern Jewish wit and Hebrew electro-pop.

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