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Perhaps too simple and obvious, but it seems inevitable to consider it M3GANhis ultimate address on our relationship with technology. The movie can actually be good or bad, but Gerard Johnstone in the director’s chair, or Akela Cooper as a writer, I took care of the topic that everyone has something to talk about: will these things ever exist, and will we be able to make them so that smart fiction-based movies can at least work in some form. cautionary tales for generations who seem oblivious to the dangerous nature of artificial intelligence.

The problem is what people are actually supposed to do afterwards M3GAN. Tik Tok challenges and memes prove that we don’t give our full attention to the important things.

I will go as far with my message as I believe M3GAN it’s really about that. Fortunately, Johnstone and Cooper have produced a very good film that is thoroughly entertaining from the start and has a fresh tone and humor. scary? Not even a little bit, and everything is fine. It shouldn’t be. The unsettling feeling you get when this great robot gets emotional is acceptable, and that’s okay. Just don’t think too much. These movies are for entertainment purposes and on that note it’s a very good approach to something we can identify with.

For those who don’t know M3GAN tells the story of a child and his aunt who have to face the M3GAN, a machine that is constantly learning. The robot is the creation of a large company trying to create the perfect toy for children. The problem is that M3GAN can learn too much and becomes defensive when people realize that it is becoming smart and bonding with the child. Enter the third act, which is full of violence and unexpected dramatic twists, and you have a modern version of a Chucky doll wreaking havoc on humanity. But wasn’t that what the remake was about? Child’s play already?

Anyway. Let’s let things slide for another adaptation of the “bad baby” tale we love so much. M3GAN it’s good at hooking us into a movie we know what it’s going to be like. It’s never safe to put children at risk and the body count is horrendously high. Of course, there’s a funny element to how M3GAN fools everyone in a society naive enough to think robots can’t be dangerous. Obviously, the universe this takes place in doesn’t have horror movies.

Movies like M3GAN This is why horror is considered a respectable genre. It’s a “hard to miss” reality that we embrace every day we celebrate the existence of ridiculous movies. What would we do without them? You probably go through overly dramatic snooze fests that aren’t really interesting. We keep faith in modern storytellers who continue to show the world their irreverent and subversive value.

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