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Man and witch

In addition to its rather appropriate and very effective goofs (one of which the film is very aware of), Man and witch it brings joy like few films of its kind currently do. I allowed myself to let go of the pretense and cozy up to the warm-hearted premise of a comedy fantasy film that thankfully never takes itself too seriously. It’s not the perfect Hollywood adventure, loaded with special effects and tipping the scales toward familiar narrative structures with tragedy. There is no sadness here. Only since then there is no time Man and witch it doesn’t waste resources trying to be something other than what it is.

Writer Greg Steinbruner and director Michael Hines assembled to give some shape to the effects. Think The princess bride, and a pure extract of his mood and humor. Now mix that with the limitations of indie cinema and you get something consistent that feels like it was made by people who really understand what kind of film they’re getting into. You can call it cheesy and accuse it of being too silly at some point, but movies made with passion should always be celebrated, however relative.

In Man and witch, an adult goat herder is out of luck. He just wants to be in love. His relationship with his mother is awkward enough to see that this has been going on for a long time. He’s weak, clumsy, and smells like goat piss. He is also quite insecure about himself. When he meets a witch who promises to rid him of the curse, he sees a distant light at the end of the tunnel. It won’t be an easy feat, but she’ll do everything she can to find a partner who can love her for who she is.

Or will it? One particular aspect of the film is that it never plays like a joint “grinding” of characters who find happiness when they’re willing to change a few things about themselves. Man and witch it’s more about a secondary character who chooses kindness above all else. This time, the witch is a kind woman who strives for honesty and shatters the standards of the genre. The third act is a celebration of finding true love in the most unlikely of places.

The cast is good enough to keep you engaged and laughing throughout. I will not dissect them because it is better to see than to tell. Just know that familiar faces will pop up. Christopher Lloyd, Michael Emerson, Shohreh Aghdashloo,Eddie Izzard, Sean Astin,Jennifer Saunders some of them you’ll instantly recognize, if only by their voices. But this Tami Stronach play the Witch, who really surpasses the casting call for cameos. Maybe you remember it The never ending story, but nothing of that role here. This time, she plays a nice character who falls in love with the right guy when she shouldn’t.

Man and witch covers the platitudes you mean. Talking animals, a musical score reminiscent of a film era that is truly missing, and the “once upon a time…” elements that make fantasy films so appealing. You don’t ask for anything else for 99 minutes.

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