“Nobody is Crazy”: A Riveting Journey of Drama and Recognition


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In the world of independent film production, a remarkable film has been capturing hearts and collecting accolades since its premiere. Nobody’s Crazy is the brainchild of talented director Federico J. Arioni, whose passion for storytelling shines through in this gripping drama with elements of fantasy and psychology. Let’s dive into the journey of this exceptional film that took the industry by storm.

“Nobody’s Crazy” premiered at the prestigious Cine Teatro Español in Neuquén on August 5, 2019. The film received such acclaim that it was screened again at the same venue on November 14 of the same year. Its engaging narrative and cinematic brilliance further secured its place in the Ciclo de Cine Patagonico in Plottier on February 5, 2020. The film’s reputation continued to grow as it reached international audiences, enthralling audiences at festivals in the United States, India, and Mexico. 2019 and 2021.

Acknowledgment of the “Nobody’s crazy” reached new heights as it bagged the “Best Film” award at the East x Northeast International Film Festival. This triumph was followed by selections to compete at prominent festivals such as FICMAFEST and Diorama International Film Festival and Market. The film’s outstanding results continued at the Montgomery International Film Festival with “Best Director” and “Best Film” awards. In addition, it won the “Best Science Fiction Film” award at the Latino and Indian Film Festival, cementing its position as a captivating and genre-defying masterpiece.

In November 2022, Nobody is Crazy was released on Blu-Ray in the United States, distributed by Bayview Entertainment, allowing audiences to experience its compelling narrative at home. In December of the same year, the film also made its digital debut on popular platforms such as Amazon Prime, Tubi, Apple TV+ and Vimeo On Demand, expanding its reach and enthralling viewers around the world.

The creative journey of director Federico J. Arioni began with early short film experiments with a home camera. As a self-taught filmmaker, Arioni constantly honed his craft, acquiring new knowledge and tools to improve his storytelling skills. His passion and determination led to the creation of his debut feature film, A Fistful of Pesos. It is a masterpiece of the crime genre, which was presented in its hometown of Neuquen Capital in 2015. Arioni was not deterred by the obstacles and was driven by his artistic ideas. second feature film, “Nobody’s Crazy”, which was completed in 2019. With the unwavering support of his family and friends, Arioni brought to life this gripping drama with fantastical and psychological undertones that captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on the city. served as background.

In addition to her feature films, Arioni showcased her talent through an impressive portfolio of short films, including “Trash” (2011), “If I Could Back In Time” (2011), “Everything Ends Nothing Ends” (2014), and “She Left Me” (2016). Each project demonstrates his commitment to storytelling and his ability to evoke strong emotions through film.

Nobody’s Crazy is a testament to the remarkable results that can be achieved with passion, dedication and unwavering determination. The journey of this outstanding film continues to inspire and engage audiences worldwide, cementing Federico J. Arioni’s place as visionary filmmaker in the realm of independent cinema.

As the world embraces the brilliance of “Nobody’s Crazy,” we’re excited for the next chapter in Federico J. Arioni’s filmmaking journey, and excited for his future projects, which are sure to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Stay tuned for more engaging narratives and cinematic experiences from this extraordinary director.


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