One For All: The DJ Chris Villa Story (2023) Film Review


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We all had a dream when we were young, right?

Some wanted to be actors, rock stars, doctors, street artists or veterinarians. When someone asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, we answered confidently in seconds. Now think about how much slower the process became as you got older. He suddenly had to think before answering. It must have been difficult to make a living as a graffiti artist, but over time it became impossible. Today, only a few of us can be figures who are similar to the idea we created in our childhood.

DJ Chris Villa never changed his mind. Of course, the influence of his parents and siblings were crucial in helping him plan the career he wanted to pursue, but this is a guy who probably works for a living. He designs pieces of music with his hands and the tools they can control and creatively defends the concept of DJ art. One for Everyone: The DJ Chris Villa Story a solid depiction of the most defining moment of his life. And no. I don’t mean the competition that can change your life. I’m thinking of that moment, preferably silently and calmly, when you look in the mirror and face the crossroads that many people dread: “do what I have to do or follow my dream?”.

Fortunately, DJ Chris Villa is not alone in the mirror. Next to him is an understanding and always supportive wife who is sure that Villa is the greatest DJ in the world. Together, they raise two children in a working-class environment randomly filled with record-scratching noise. As he trains for his competitions, he faces nervous chills as he is also the father his children deserve. Family values ​​are the main fuel in how Villa is able to keep her family and her mind together. He comes from a Latino family, many sons and always different styles of music playing from the speakers. His father’s smile is so warm that you can’t help but feel the magnetism of a very positive upbringing.

One for Everyone: The DJ Chris Villa Story an intimate portrait of Villa as he prepares for the 2018 Red Bull 3Style World Championship as one of the finalists. If he can win, nothing can stop him after that. This is a documentary that only touches the surface of a very interesting story. A very compelling closing statement, the film’s subjects face the harshest of conditions in a society that doesn’t care about competition, but has to face it anyway. Villa is one of thousands of players trying to make it big in a business that reeks of connections and influence. With an expression very similar to her father’s, Villa affirms that she will never stop chasing her dream.

One can almost imagine where he gets his strength from. What motivates you and what keeps you afloat during disappointments. A very spiritual aspect of the film is the key to understanding this. Want to know what it is? Give One for Everyone: The DJ Chris Villa Story one shot and you’ll understand the beautiful dynamic of a family held together by a universal image of unconditional love.

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