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Roadkill trailer

Roadkill arrives on digital platforms and VOD on May 23rd

A thief operating on the highways of rural Australia finds himself in the crossfire of an ongoing police investigation after he robs a serial killer.

Australian independent cinema has always been strong from shoe string to full blown productions, the quality is always there. Roadkill follows this trend with a slightly grungy aesthetic that echoes Australian New Wave.

Roadkill was primarily shot in Renmark; cast and crew lived in a farmhouse during filming and toured the Riverland to capture as much of the stunning scenery as possible. Other locations included the Gaslight Tavern, Norwood and West Richmond offices, Lowbank Lutheran Church, Salem Lutheran Church, Wellington and Murray Bridge.

The production had to overcome huge obstacles, including a plane crash when Tim Whitrow, who had come to the set in his small plane to help with catering, crashed at 160 km/h just 100 meters from the set. Crew members, including his brother (James Whitrow), nephew (Alexander Whitrow) and mother (Sue Whitrow) ran to the wreck, already believing him to be dead. He was found in the wreckage, barely clinging to life. The crew removed him from the aircraft and kept him on the air until paramedics arrived. Tim was taken to the Riverland General Hospital from where he was transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). Tim suffered twelve broken ribs and a broken sternum, damaged his hearing, and lost one of his legs as a result of his injuries. He was in intensive care at the RAH for several days but otherwise made a full recovery.

The composer of the soundtrack, Yuriy Radko, lives in Ukraine, and during discussions about his availability in April 2022, he said:I’m almost always connected, but sometimes I have to hide in a shelter when there are rocket attacks because I’m from Ukraine. There is a war in my country now.”

However, despite all this, the film was completed and has been a great success so far, and rightly so.


As a modern-day Highwayman, Connor Shelby spends his days on the isolated back roads of Australia stealing from unsuspecting victims. He justifies his actions by saving his earnings in hopes of freeing the love of his life, Lucy Miller, from the harsh and unforgiving background of Australia. Across the country, in his “quest from God,” a serial killer moves from town to town, executing those he deems “guilty.” On his trail are detectives Albert and Ernest, motivated and logical, the pair follow the trail of bodies to find and stop the brutal killer. Their hunt brings them to the town of Renmark in South Australia, Connor’s current hideout. After two young men report being robbed on the highway, detectives investigate and discover that the two cases are closer than they first thought. After his identity is revealed, Connor’s hunt for redemption, justice, and most importantly, revenge begins.

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