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Scare package

We don’t give horror anthologies enough credit. A damn shame if you ask me.

Well-earned opportunities for new filmmakers to slowly enter an unforgiving industry that most will not survive. For horror fans, these are buffet dinners where you can easily pick your favorite dish and stick to it. Sure, making a good arc segment isn’t that easy, but in horror, you have to break the rules and not take yourself so seriously all the time. That’s exactly what it does Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron BurnsScare package a good example of an idea executed as it should be.

He became a festival favorite a few years ago when he won a few awards and added Shudder to his catalog. Now that it’s gotten a sequel and those associated with it have gone on to bigger things, it seems like a good idea to go back and re-examine what is essentially a product of love for the horror genre. somehow Scare package got better. Much better. Practical effects, plenty of gore, great humor and a wide variety of fantastic segments make it a great choice if you want to let loose on a Friday night and enjoy the little details that original horror sometimes has to offer. It’s not like you don’t remember your favorite franchise since it’s full of homages.

As usual, we proceed segment by segment:

  • Rad Chad Horror Emporium aka Horror Hypothesis: It works as a framework narrative and then develops into its own story. It tells the story of a video store manager who trains a new employee, but a sudden betrayal turns him into a horror movie. It’s definitely one of the best of the bunch because it follows the genre rules, stays entertaining throughout its entire runtime, and introduces some very funny characters at the end. How it ties into Cold Open at the beginning and end is a testament to great screenwriting.
  • Cold open: Emily Hagins directs the best part of the film. Cold Open tells the story of Mike Myers, one of the protagonists of horror films, whose only job is to carry out an act that turns victims into prey. No other. When it wants to be a little more, it goes too far. Still, Myers is so clumsy that he won’t be able to control anything. It’s the most original way to play with tropes that have strangely not been explored in the past.
  • Once in the forest: It’s a fantastic feast of gore, gore and special effects. It tells the story of campers who meet a killer and cleverly reveal his intentions. That’s about as much as I can tell. If you have a weak stomach, you should probably skip this one, though you’ll be missing out on a great example of genre filmmaking.
  • LORD: A fun idea that is unfortunately cut and edited too short. MISTER is the story of a husband who questions his sanity and his role in a marriage where he is not the dominant one. It’s funny, but the horror element is unfortunately missing this time.
  • Girls Night Out Of Body: Quite mysterious, but not a very logical narrative. It’s the story of a group of girls who steal a cursed item that turns them into… demons? In the background is a stalker who should probably think twice before attacking girls who don’t look normal. I expected more from this than a victory dance.
  • The night he came back again! ARC. part: The Final Kill: Scare package It goes full slasher with this one as the survivors attack the killer who can’t seem to die. It starts with an interesting approach, but then it becomes a killfest that doesn’t make much sense and wastes its good idea on gory effects.
  • There is a lot to do: This one has potential and has my favorite shot in the movie (when the glass in the car door explodes, WOW!), but it’s not well explained at the end. It’s about possession, and about a ghost that should have thought better of it before entering the body of a lame woman.

Trust me on this one. If you’re into 80s horror, slasher cinema, or horror comedies, you won’t want to miss this one.

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