Scott Sawitz’s Save State Releases First Trailer


Save state

Scott Sawitz’s time-bending indie flick Save State drops its first trailer

A desperate man uses a time machine to save his relationship with his old girlfriend and keeps trying to save a doomed relationship while trying to figure out what happened.

It’s strange what happens when you visit your parents during a COVID lockdown.

A few months after the end of the most significant romantic relationship of her life and deep into the “regret phase,” writer/director Scott Sawitz he kept wondering if it was a good call.

He and a co-worker joked about the craziness of the early COVID era, and Sawitz claimed that someone might have used a time machine to keep his girlfriend from leaving them and kept screwing up. And what if he had the same opportunity? What he would change, how they would have changed, etc. flashed through his mind.

The first draft was born that night.

“I was excited to read the draft that Scott originally sent me. When Scott suggested we go ahead and make a movie out of it, I was really excited to see where it would lead. Looking at the film now, it’s the best work we’ve ever done.” — Mike Noyes, producer.

“My father, the voice of reason, pointed out that our problems were far beyond the single moment when everything came together. I kept thinking what would have happened if someone had tried to do that… find the moment it ended to try and save their relationship. My idea was that eventually they would have to move past this to deal with all their issues, but maybe a particularly stubborn person would use this moment to do whatever it takes to continue (without the necessary work). I started sketching the first version called Save State.”

“Save State” is the wicked love child of “Clerks” and “Source Code” who spent the day with their cool uncle, “Groundhog Day.”

It’s all about the end of the decade-long relationship between Chris (Gabriel Fries) and Veronica (Jessie Ann Carl).


After years of separation, Veronica leaves their relationship for a new job and a new life in San Francisco. Wanting a moment of closure, she goes back to their rented townhouse to return her keys and try to say goodbye peacefully. Her best friend Stephanie (Nickie Kruszinski) urges her to forget about him and embark on an epic cross-country road trip. Veronica thinks she knows better, and a simple attempt at closure turns into another fight.

A year later, Chris is still hooked. He’s the love of her life, or so she thinks. His best friend Daniel (Ilya Gaidarov) has an idea that captures Chris’s imagination: a time warp device.

Daniel was able to go back to a specific moment for ten minutes or less, so he planned to go back and say goodbye to his father.

Focusing on the moment she walked out of his life for good, Chris tests Daniel’s time machine to see if it will work. When this happens, he selfishly decides to go back to prevent her from leaving him. If he doesn’t succeed, he has only one goal: he keeps trying until he succeeds. As his attempts accelerate and the changes in the timeline grow from small to large, Chris continues to try to get what he wants by returning to that moment.

But is this what he needs?

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