Sisyphus Unbound – A Short Film Review


Sisyphus Unbound

“Sisyphus Unbound” is an excellent showcase for debutant director Ryan Fleming, who showcases his talent for storytelling. This is an extremely impressive short that I highly recommend.

what is it about

College writing student Virgil hopes to get his latest story published, but first he must overcome a major obstacle before his work can be published: his mercurial writing professor, Richard Laymen.

My opinion

Sisyphus Unbound draws you in from the first few seconds with some excellent framing and camera work. The close-ups really give the audience the state of mind of Virgil. I found this to be an excellent opening sequence. The sudden change of pace when Virgil walks into Gwen Laymen completely stops the fast pace and throws the audience right into the story. I think it’s a great introduction to the characters and the universe. Cinematographer and director Ashtin Francis Ryan Fleming Kudos to both of them for creating such a great opening moment.

I feel like they could have been a bit more adventurous with the camera. They did a great job composing some of the shots and keeping the action locked down, but the heavy use of the OTS shot felt a little repetitive and a little more variety would have helped make things a little more interesting. He considers the story very intimate, but perhaps a little more breathing space could have helped. I’m not sure if this was due to the cramped conditions of the room they were filming in? There were also moments where the shaky camera threw me off a bit, I felt like they were trying to be a fixed camera, but maybe they didn’t have the right options for it, although it wasn’t noticeable or detrimental to the whole thing. enjoying the movie.

Writer and director Ryan Fleming has a great outing in his debut short. The story is both intriguing and engrossing, showcasing his great storytelling skills. He weaves small details into the story and gives them more powerful meaning, like the ticking of a clock and the tapping of a mechanical pencil. These little details really tie the scenes together, especially in the first few minutes, and really help with the tension.

Sisyphus Unbound

The themes of ‘not giving up’ are very prominent and definitely leave the audience feeling positive about chasing their dreams and not giving up. I thought Fleming had a strong understanding of visual storytelling, taking the audience on a journey and creating an ending that fulfilled them. I’m sure many people will watch this short who felt held back, and Fleming really allows the audience to relate to this script and share the feeling of not giving up.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Virgil and Richard Leyman. I felt like you could feel the tension between the two of them and they seemed to bounce off each other really well. Gwen really livens up the scene when she enters, lightening the short’s more serious moments. Her bubbly character is a very pleasing contrast and an instantly likable character.

Another highlight of “Sisyphus Unbound” is debut director Ryan Fleming’s excellent display of storytelling talent. This is a highly engaging short film that I highly recommend.” the sheet music. The opening and closing sections are accompanied by a piano-led composition, which can best be described as lounge music, but it fits the short very well and complements it well.

Remarkable achievements

Frederick J. Todd plays Virgil. Todd gives us a great performance in this lead role and seems to effortlessly portray the character’s physical mannerisms and overall anxieties without falling into overly acting territory. You get the balance right. His interactions with others seem equally effortless, building an instant rapport with Gwen and strong chemistry with Richard.

Timothy J Cox plays Richard Leyman. Cox always excels in these prestigious roles. His presence immediately commands attention and his demeanor portrays a superior authority that demands respect. Cox is so convincing in her role and has great chemistry with both of her co-stars. In particular, the screen time she shares with Todd held so much promise that I longed for more interaction between the pair.

Emerson Adams plays Gwen Leyman. Adams is a refreshing breath of fresh air in this film, her happy demeanor and contagious smile radiating positivity. I thought it really countered the more negative interactions and brought excellent balance to the short. He is convincing in his role and has an instant chemistry with Todd that was impressive.

Sisyphus Unbound

The verdict

“Sisyphus Unbound” is a fantastic debut for writer and director Ryan Fleming. Fleming shows a lot of promise as a storyteller, while Ashtin Francis’ excellent camera work ensures a high-quality recording. The exceptional talents all bring their ‘A’ game to ensure this story gets the recognition it deserves, breathing life into their characters. I feel like everyone involved in this short has a lot to offer the world of film and this won’t be the last you see of them. This short has a strong message and this team has done an amazing job of making sure you know what it means.

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