The Devil’s Tongue (2023) Film Review


The Devil's Tongue

If you’re a natural storyteller, there are some times when you’re not in control. And for the sake of the story, that might be good. Sometimes letting go is the easiest way to let a story take its natural course. If Julian Gowdy tried to force his vision to be friendlier, more logical and more cinematic from a narrative point of view, The Devil’s Tongue it would not have been as original and personal as it ended up being. It’s a small indie film with enough dramatic power to make you wonder how far you can go to achieve art.

Only one knows. And that’s exactly what Gowdy tries to solve with the first act of the film. It is not easy to present a film, but in that case The Devil’s Tongue, the assumption is fundamental. The film begins with a filmmaker struggling to find the right way to make his film. Your crew isn’t supportive enough, or maybe they don’t share your passion or vision. In any case, his frustration begins to show as he finds desperate measures to continue production. Maybe someone famous can be the solution to your problem. But what exactly does he need? In this dilemma, Gowdy decides to include an autobiographical element in the feature. Gowdy is a former inmate who is battling the monsters that still reside in his mind. In the film, the director’s own demons lurk nearby and make him make an easy escape.

Gowdy could have made another movie. One is definitely easier to digest. A comedy? Or horror? He prefers to stay in the established area and do it The Devil’s Tongue a fascinating take on the limitations of artists who use art to express themselves in a society where addicts are seen as scarred monsters unable to make ends meet. The premise of the film evolves into something darker. Some kind of kidnapping, with signs of torture. This is the art he can achieve because the only business he can foresee is when shock is the only way to make a presentation. The director goes to great lengths to make a potential producer believe in his story: the only results came from the extreme measures he invented. Finally, this indicates that the principal has signed an agreement. Worth it? Try to understand it and we’ll talk about it. The Devil’s Tongue it’s not like any other movie, nor does it try to be. This is a brave stance from someone who is fighting something that is not easy to understand from an empathic perspective.

With a budget of more than $10,000, a limited crew and a heavy burden, Gowdy has created a film with relative solidity. It’s not a horror film, but it’s not even a rule-based thriller. It’s a personal quality that you can relate to when you understand how terrifying it is to make a movie that people love. It’s the result of a collaboration between a talented young man and his friends, and here at Movie Blogger we like to celebrate things like that.

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