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The Fablemen

Steven Spielberg‘s The Fablemen a beautiful, emotionally engaging film. But contrary to what people say, I don’t think this is a movie about the movie. I don’t think Spielberg wanted to make a movie about himself making movies and where he got his inspiration from. But I think so, in your own way, with the help of your wingman Tony Kushner, tells how important your career is in terms of the emotional impact of what you do. It’s a puzzle of sorts that you may never solve because he doesn’t want you to. Instead of giving another interview, he adapts his own story about what made him the man he is today. Not the director, but the man.

We know about his life. We’ve all seen the documentary. Sammy builds on him and his early love of motion pictures ever since his parents took him to see them Cecil B. DeMille‘s The greatest show on Earth. Days after he was still crashing toy trains and trying to recreate what he saw in the theaters. This grew into an almost toxic relationship with the need to document everything and apply an artistic touch to the daily life of the Jewish family, which consisted of a piano teacher and a labor engineer, whose company moved too much. During a camping trip, Sammy shoots and shoots, and as he edits the film, he discovers a family secret that will forever scar him and alienate him from his family’s dynamics.

Will he then be the King of Hollywood, Midas? Not at all. Sammy is Sammy. He’s not Steven, and you won’t see anything resembling his career The Fablemen. That’s not how she wants to tell her own story of trauma, and the inability to understand love isn’t always everything. If there’s a point where the film becomes divisive, this is it. In fact, the only connection to reality itself and Spielberg’s presence in Hollywood is a final scene that will make you smile. But this much. This is not a tribute to himself, Indy, ET or the dinosaurs.

The Fablemen a movie is about the power of movies, of course, but the movies you actually put together yourself to portray the ideal family nucleus. Before he observed the truth about his mother, Sammy’s motivations were powerful and eternal, but then he is enveloped in darkness and anxiety. The only way he could scream at the world was through a powerful war movie he made with his buddies. No one saw this footage and thought Sammy was going to change the world. But they saw his connection to the film and knew it was going to be something magical. It’s like Tarantino saying, “You don’t need schools. If your passion for film is genuine, you will be drawn and compelled to make a good film.”

It’s not the best Spielberg movie ever. But it’s probably his most important film in decades because of how intimate and emotionally relevant it is. Again, The Fablemen it has a secret and it is not easy to find. Part of the adventure is trying to find the key element that makes him who he is today. If it were that simple, there would be more like him, and you and I know that’s impossible because that kind of magic will never happen again.

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