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The Secret Kingdom

Matt Drummond‘s The Secret Kingdom it’s one of those movies that slowly draws you in and eventually catches you to become a part of its magnetic and unique story. I have to admit that the similarity between this and the big studio fantasy franchises is a little underwhelming because I’m not a fan of the genre and finding good fantasy movies these days is a challenge. Fortunately, when this really It begins, turns into a fascinating adventure that made me smile more than once and changed my opinion. The Secret Kingdom a good adventure film, yes it leans heavily on its technical aspects, but the story and characters are definitely written by someone who knows their limits.

I will be vague. Intentionally. The Secret Kingdom tells the story of a pair of brothers who find a hidden world under a bed in their new home. The boy suffers from an illness that may be caused by trauma (I won’t reveal this, because it is very important for the plot), and the little sister is a cheerful force of nature. When they fall down the rabbit hole, they enter a world of subterranean creatures living in the shadow of a monstrous villain, The Shroud. But they actually believe in a prophecy in which both children play an important role. When the boy starts calling you ‘Your Highness’, you’ll notice where things are going. They will be responsible for saving themselves and the entire world that is collapsing beneath their feet.

The first act The Secret Kingdom he is a little weak and does not take it well. Interestingly, there is a reason for this, and you might find out late in the film, but once you do, it all makes sense. Drummond’s writing skills are adept enough to let you know early on what kind of movie this is and how it was made. The fantasy element is key to the plot and essential for the film to be family friendly. The voice acting and special effects are impressively well done, but they don’t feel like invasive elements that would make Drummond’s film feel experimental or amateurish. The Secret Kingdom it could stand proudly alongside some of its bigger (and better) peers. It’s only a matter of time before he develops his directorial skills and we see him again in the fantasy world.

Some of the plot may be a little disturbing for young children, and this movie is for them. Drummond counters this with a risky lack of an opponent. The shroud only appears a few times in the film, but that makes it a little less dangerous than it could be (and what the trailer actually suggested). In the end, the presence of this entity is quite strong, but I would have liked to see more of it.

The twist at the end is fantastic and makes for a good dramatic twist that takes Drummond’s characteristics up a notch on the scale. The Secret Kingdom a very good business presentation for a VFX specialist who decided to make a film out of what he knows a lot about. The result is more than decent for the story, and yes, the special effects are excellent. You’ll have fun before you get your heart broken, and then you’ll be healed by an adorable sibling relationship.

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