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The Showcase

In the documentary Mind Exchange Music presents: The Showcase, they give a performance in one day. This performance consists of several pieces, ranging from vocal-based to instrumental songs, framed by a concept that never fully emerges from the documentary. I’ve always felt that it’s more than presenting a cool idea that works in an artistic approach that’s similar to what we’ve seen in the past. What this musical collective is doing is a highly original, but supposedly familiar idea.

It’s a strange catch. But I felt this deeply during some performances. I have demonstrated an undeniable talent that can be compared to the best singers in an industry that is not very friendly to newbies. However, the background of technical knowledge and expertise makes the music of Mind Exchange Music unique.

The documentary takes an extensive look at their music, its execution and who actually makes it all happen. Their testimonies are driven by the urge to tell stories through sound, and while this is not happening at a mainstream level, one cannot help but celebrate this artistic display.

Sometimes the film feels too linear and simple. Music is the driving force, yes, but documentaries about artists are supposed to show you more than you can simply see. In The Showcasethere’s a fantastic collection of artists showing off what they do best, but documentaries should also be compelling and show the human side behind the near-perfect sound.

Trust me. Your mind will be blown by a third act where sight and sound mix in this very cool, original and beautiful montage. And some of the sounds are amazing. You want to know more about them.

But The Showcase it also seems like an advertisement for a product that may not be that relevant to many. And maybe it should be. Film is a sensual experience that transcends traditional narrative and structure. It is rich in material, if only in the film they are connected to the world of music, and as an aid to effective storytelling.

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