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Consistency is important in any film. Whatever the genre or production level, filmmakers must always be aware of the position they are in. This sets the stage for all their expectations and really helps with the bottom line. There are movies that lack this and it’s noticeable. And yes, you see that in the big studio movies.

With Differenceyou immediately get the feeling that the writer/director Jonathan DiMaio he is aware of the world and the circumstances in which he is. His Difference is a relatively small film with a fairly simple story, though impressive in terms of setting. Still, it leaves the window open for the audience to delve into a conflict that has more to do with exploring society. in which we live, how we see the past, and how we learn about our ancestors. In the middle is the friendship story of two souls, which is broken by completely different elements.

Alex tries to survive a betrayal in the scientific world. An idea has been stolen by someone he trusted, and now he’s left with an inspirational void that can’t be healed by a professor who seems to justify the dastardly act committed by Alex’s partner. That leaves you with no choice but to explore in the middle of nowhere and look elsewhere for motivation.

Here she meets Nick, a young man living in the shadow of a domineering father, and his decisions to survive in a complicated business. Both of them meet at very important times in their lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically a good thing. Alex’s ambition may disrupt the already dying quest of a broken family.

Difference it wouldn’t work if it weren’t for the two main characters Alex Oliver and Jack Mulhern, two young, outstanding actors who realize the presentation of a relationship that is far from romantic, but close to necessary and almost essential. Their meeting is accidental, but it is the driving force behind a film whose spirit is very quiet and still. Even if you are very emotional, Difference a calm characteristic of a conflict that is not resolved in a climax.

The narrative structure is far from conventional. This is a film that doesn’t need to be explosive and full of commentary. DiMaio gives voice to the autobiographical aspect of the film, and it doesn’t call for unnecessary manipulation of the plot. In its purest form, Difference a simple portrait of human behavior when faced with the improbable and when the positive outcome transcends this sense of failure.

The Mojave Desert seems like a place where a movie of this nature couldn’t work. Geology and rock climbing may be important, but not to the general public. But DiMaio isn’t too concerned with using the environment for much more than a landscape for something far more important: how to overcome fundamental obstacles when figuring out how to make your dreams come true. Even if they involve studying inert objects like rocks.

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