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Warner Bros. Storytelling Showcase

Ever since I started planning my trip to California, Los Angeles has been the main attraction. Movies were, are, and will probably be my life. And this is the place where cinema as an entertainment medium was born. The trip was going to be full of all kinds of sights, but I was sure it was going to be some sort of history lesson. I would finally be where my favorite movies were filmed (yes, I knew it didn’t work that way, but the idea was indelible in my head). However, there was a catch. I wouldn’t be alone, and my significant other shares the love, but he’s not as passionate as I am.

So the movie studio tour was a conversation I had to start over and over again. The costs, the limited number of days, the fun. All of this was questioned, but in the end it didn’t take too much convincing because studio tours aren’t just that. This is not a walk through the sets as many people think. There is much more. However, again there is a catch. It all depends on which one you buy.

I will not go into detail about the trip. We just agreed to visit the ones we knew and do the places we knew we needed to go. That’s how we ended up in Burbank to tour the grounds of Warner Bros. Studios. The following is not a guide. I’m not a travel specialist. Movies are my thing and I can tell you about them. And if you like movies, Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood essential!

And no, it’s okay if you don’t like them as much as I do, because it’s experiences like these that allow you to appreciate “how motion pictures are made.” I’m sure of this because I’ve been around a witness whose love for movies and TV has grown beyond what we thought.

What can be done in it Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood?

Don’t get me wrong. There is a walk in it Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood. Just not so much that you get tired of it. In addition, you will probably forget about the excessive effort when you enter the first exhibition, a A storytelling showcase. Memorabilia abounds, just as you’d expect from studios of this caliber. Fortunately, experience designers go the extra mile and teach you where you stand. This history is in the making, and if you visit it, you will be a part of it. After a few photo opportunities and a glimpse of JR’s boots, hat, and Phoebe’s guitar, you literally enter a movie theater.

There they will show a super cut. It’s very emotional, indicating that 100 years have passed and you will be part of the celebration. After that, it’s time to ride! To Backlots.

A very comfortable golf cart will take you around the backcountry and discover the real locations of the filming. You can actually see the actual sets, but you’ll also learn why some TV shows look exactly the same, and why some elements are strikingly similar regardless of the time period. At a few stops, you can sit in front of the Friends fountain (thanks to the guide, who kindly takes a photo for you) and walk around the grassy area where Phoebe was running funny. Yes, the fans Friends we must come here and see the Gellers’ home. Also, Casablanca fans, a treat. My absolute favorite stop of this part of the tour was at the same place where The Monster Squadhis third act was shot.

Any studio would end their tour at this stage. After all, we’ve seen this, right? Fortunately, the Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywoodthe experience exceeds expectations.

Following Section 48a space dedicated to recreating stuff your favorite movies and TV shows. From Central Perk to an exhibition on the stages of film making (this will be amazing for film buffs!), there’s something for everyone, including (awesome) memorabilia and interactive experiences (kids will have fun too). Here you also have the opportunity to sit in the recreated set of Friends and The Big Bang Theory. If the thing is gift shops and you like it Friends, to be prepared. This is it.

After that, the tour continues. We enter the world of DC with a huge exhibition that is better seen than told. From the vehicles to the costumes, it’s bound to blow your mind and put together what Warner Bros Studios designed to make the studio tour better than others. Oh yeah, and no matter which version of Batman you like best, there’s something from every franchise. Want to guess what I mean? I’ll give you a hint: VEHICLES.

Or maybe you like Harry Potter? Relaxation is really great. And this is where your cell phone battery dies from all the pictures you take. This is a very niche-oriented part of the tour, but chances are you’ll still enjoy it.

However, do you still want to buy? The tour ends with the Studio Store. Get your wallet and credit cards ready. You will spend money whether you like it or not.

Not a tour, but an experience

As far as studio tours scheduled during your stay in Los Angeles, it doesn’t get much better than this. Why? This is not just a studio tour, but an experience of years of filmmaking and TV production. It was completely unexpected in terms of what you can find on the Internet about the comparison Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood with other similar ones. Each has its own value and Warner Bros has made the experience more fun, family friendly and interactive. That, and the gift shops are way better than the others.

Also, the writer’s strike is a reality that studios have to deal with, and the others were… dead, so to speak. No active productions means no shows. Warner Bros is the only one that has anything to do other than walk around the backstage, buy movies and visit the soundstages.

You’ve probably read that you can do this in 2-3 hours, but it will probably take more than that. If you’re in Burbank, it means you love movies, and if you do, be prepared to spend 3+ hours. It’s not the managers fault or anything. In fact, it’s so massive, and interestingly enough, it’s the only tour where you can walk through some of the exhibits by yourself. Is it worth your money? You can be sure!

Visiting Los Angeles soon? Plan your visit to studio tour. You will not regret it!

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