Weird Kidz Review – Animated Horror for the win! Bonus interview with Angela Bettis


Weird Kidz centers on three teenage boys who go on a camping trip with their older brother and his new girlfriend. While telling stories and drinking beer around the campfire, they awaken the local monster legend, the “Night Child”… and the fun begins!

The good:

This animated horror/comedy made me super nostalgic for the 80’s/90’s when I was a teenage kid trying to figure out the world and finding boys super annoying. It was a time of no cell phones and the simplicity of frolicking with your buds – be it deep in the woods or in a building in Queens, New York like me. Just brought it back! The hand-drawn animation took Zach Passero 8 years to completeand it was worth every minute of your time. I found it very fascinating to imagine how it was put together and would love to see a behind the drawings edition. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Disney animation, but rather an independent film. Weird Kidz also brings plenty of belly laughs. You’ll laugh and be completely captivated by his odes to the up-and-coming films of the 80s. The sound effects of the “night child” demon thing are really good, it almost made my skin crawl.

The Bahd:

While this movie would be great for teenagers in their 20s, I can’t see it being for everyone. His humor reminds me of King of Hill and also gives me a Clerks vibe. (I’m not even saying it’s bad, but it has its own audience!) I think this movie would be better if it was a TV series, with more background to the characters and the town, with mysterious monsters/ghosts in it. As for the music, I can’t get the song out of my head… not good, but definitely catchy, which is the point, but damn, get it out of my head!!! Also, I don’t like animals getting hurt, even animated ones – just saying. Poor Morgos!!


The Weird Kidz a fun animated horror comedy. It’s a reminder of how awful adolescence can be, but also how weird and fun it can be. Clever and quirky are honestly the kind of things I personally like. I was lucky enough to catch this Brooklyn Horror Film Festival page. Best to catch this on streaming when it’s available.

Cast: Dug (Tess Passero), Mel (Glenn Bolton) and Fatt (Brian Ceely), Wyatt (Ellar Coltrane), Mary (Sydney Wharton), Duana (Angela Bettis).

Interview with voice actress Angela Bettis (aka Duana, Weird Kidz):

Angela K: You’ve been in so many great movies including ‘Girl Interrupted’, ‘May’ and ‘Carrie’ (2002) What was your experience going from acting on screen to voice work/acting in this Weird Kidz animation? What surprised you the most, and were there any special challenges with voiceover/voiceover?

Angela Bettis: The voice acting is fun! It’s not how you look, it’s how you sound! The challenge is to put all your intentions and motives into your voice. If it’s me, you can’t use your overly expressive face to get your point across. Heh!

Angela K: Weird Kidz centers on… well, “Weird Kidz”, minors/teens who do questionable things like young people, what do you think was the funniest moment in the plot?

Angela Bettis: Huh! I laughed out loud. More Wyatt moments and lots of Duana/Sheriff moments. I don’t want to be more specific than that, because moments are funny because they are unexpected surprises. The timing of the movie is very good! If I talk too much, you should put a spoiler alert on this interview! Don’t want to spoil the experience of those who haven’t seen the film yet!

Angela K: Which qualities of Duana’s personality do you admire or relate to the most?

Angela Bettis: The cartoonish Texas accent was fun for me. Texas is my home. I’ve pranked some of my Texans with this accent.

Angela K: Have you had any fun moments with the “Weird Kidz” cast? Did you do sound recording together in the studio, or did it happen separately?

Angela Bettis: I did my voice separately. They put us together so well! Sounds seamless!

Angela K: What is your favorite horror movie of all time?

Angela Bettis: Oh my God! Ask me yesterday or tomorrow and my choice will be different, but today I will say… Let the better in – Tomas Alfredson

  • acting – 5/10
  • Cinematography/Visual Effects – 6/10
  • Plot/Scenario – 6/10
  • Setting/Theme – 6/10
  • Viewability – 5/10
  • Rewatchability – 5/10

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